Networking Services:
1. Local Area Network (LAN): A Local Area Network, or LAN, is a network that connects devices within a limited geographical area, such as an office building, home, or campus
2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): A Metropolitan Area Network, or MAN, covers a larger geographical area than a LAN but is smaller than a WAN. Typically, MANs span across a city or a large campus.
3.Personal Area Network (PAN): A Personal Area Network, or PAN, is the smallest of the network types and usually spans a few meters. PANs are designed for personal devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
4.Wide Area Network (WAN): A Wide Area Network, or WAN, is a vast network that covers large geographical area around the , countries,
Speed Bandwidth Desiging Maintenance
The Internet speed provided through LAN is fast. The bandwidth in LAN is very high. It is very easy to design a LAN network. LAN maintenance is very easy.
MAN provides a modest Internet connection speed. In MAN, bandwidth is less. It isn't easy to design a MAN network. MAN's maintenance is easier compared to LAN.
WAN provides a slow Internet connection. WAN bandwidth is quite limited it is complicated to design WAN WAN maintenance is very difficult
CCTV Services:
High-Quality Cameras, Installation & Setup, Remote Monitoring, Maintenance & Support.